Welcome to God First Vision Trust

God First Vision trust, being established in terms of Trust Act 57 of 1988 is a public benefit organisation that is driven by need to deal with community issues and solve community problems by designing and implementing services to humanity programs and projects. Our main purpose is to promote youth development and play an important role in building a talent pipeline of individuals with skills in scarce and critical skills in South Africa. We strive to see that this initiative will continually … [Read More]

Make a Difference Today

Your donation can make a difference in somebody’s life today and it is more blessed to give than to receive, go ahead and change a life.

Our Management Team


Shirley Nomabelu Iroaku

Project Manager / Trustee

She is highly dedicated to her community services to humanity. She studied Project Management and also an entrepreneur.


Zizipho Zamahlubi Mabengu


She is busy with her post graduate degree in the University of South Africa (Health Science with an entry of pharmacy / psychology and community services).

Sanchia Mildred Roos


She loves grooming the youth and helping the less privileged in her Community

Our Values

We work with these values in mind, working hard within them.


We strive for equality for disadvantaged people in the society from impoverished communities.


One of our topmost value is to ensure there’s sincerity among our team members in every endeavor.


We do our best to do everything we do in love because we believe without love, all our effort is in vain


Our donors are appreciated in an excellent manner even to the extent of interceding for them in prayers.